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Facebook & Instagram Ads for Chiropractors

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Are you a chiropractor seeking to enhance your social media presence and attract more new customers through Facebook and Instagram? A marketing plan that includes running paid Facebook ads and eye-catching Instagram ads to target your desired demographic can help build your practice, drive revenue, and increase lead generation and brand awareness.

At Patient Boost, we offer digital marketing services tailored to the chiropractic market. That’s our niche. You want to increase your visibility and generate more appointments. We specialize in working with chiropractic practices like yours, so we know what will work when it comes to advertising your business.

Our Facebook ad strategy combines professionally written ad copy with an attention-grabbing call to action. We couple that with a narrowly targeted audience for each ad that will bring more clicks to your landing page and boost your conversion rate from those who click to those who make appointments.

If you’ve had less-than-ideal experiences with marketing and advertising companies in the past, don’t let those pain points get you down. Put them behind you and turn to us since we’re a whole new ballgame. With Patient Boost, you will see the difference that having a chiropractic marketing company can make.

Facebook Ads By PatientBoost™

Why Use Social Media Ads?

Facebook and Instagram each offer excellent ways to narrow down, with surgical precision, who sees your chiropractor ad. These companies have enhanced abilities to fine-tune their searching through their millions of users to find those whose interests, lifestyle markers, and other demographics match your ideal patient profile.

The average person spends two hours and 24 minutes per day on social media. Unbelievable, right? No wonder they need your services for their sore necks! We can help you capture their attention with custom chiropractic content on conversion-ready landing pages and ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram driving users to them.

What Makes for Good Chiropractic Facebook Ads?

The average conversion rate for a Facebook ad in the healthcare industry is 11%, which is an incredibly high number. The thing is—you can do even better than that by doing a little homework. With rock-solid ad copy, chiropractor-specific images, the right chiropractic messaging, and a focused target audience, you can get that conversion rate much higher.

Rock Solid Facebook Ad Copy

When advertising in healthcare, you need to be very careful about what you say and how you say it. Facebook and Instagram (a Facebook company) have strict guidelines about healthcare claims. Still, with a solid headline, quality body copy, and an attention-grabbing call to action, you can create a successful ad that will draw potential patients to a landing page where your web design and content can convert them into actual patients.
  • Solid Headlines

    Headlines should be short, sweet, and to the point. They need to grab a person's attention and appeal to their interests—in this case, chiropractic care. Good headlines are: around five words, evoke emotion, arouse curiosity, use simple language, ask a question, use social proof, use numbers and special characters, make a promise and incorporate offer value.

  • Quality Body Copy

    Different ad formats allow different amounts of text in the body of your ad. You should always: start with a good hook, follow the hook with text that reflects the pain points of potential patients, and propose a solution to their issues that highlights the benefits and value of your services. Using emotion-driven language, tell the reader what they need to do to solve their problem. Testimonials and other social proof are also a great addition.

  • Attention-Grabbing Call to Action (CTA)

    The last bit of ad copy you will need is a call to action to drive potential patients to click through the ad. Your CTA can be part of the body copy or a button, depending on the ad type. A good CTA: leads with a verb, focuses on a single objective, invokes urgency.

Chiropractor-Specific Images

Ad images are even more important than the copy. They cause users to stop scrolling through their social feed long enough to read what the advertisement says.

The images you choose should reflect your practice and the outcomes you provide. They should match the ad copy and pop with enough color to catch the eye of social media users. You will also want to make sure that all your images are of high quality so that they will stand out on any device.

The most effective advertising images also have little to no text. If you decide to use text on your image, test it with Facebook’s text overlay tool to ensure that it does not look too busy, especially when viewed on mobile devices.

One last piece of advice is to try to avoid using stock photography as much as possible. Keep your images local and specific to your practice by having quality photos taken of you, your staff, your facilities, and even patients (with their permission, of course).

Laser Focus on Your Target Audience

With Facebook and Instagram ads, it is easier than ever to get your ad campaigns in front of the people who matter most to your practice. The better your target audience, the easier it will be to get a higher conversion rate. By getting as granular as Facebook and Instagram allow, you can trust that you’ll not waste your ad dollars on eyes not interested in your message. Some targeting options on Facebook & Instagram include:

Testing Your Chiropractic Facebook Ads

No matter how great you think your ad is, you should always perform split testing with variations on your message, imagery, and CTAs to optimize your advertising even further. Testing will help you learn what works the best for your practice and what you can leave behind. Take advantage of all the tools Facebook and Instagram have to offer to make your advertisements shine.

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